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Generation Pro work with local authorities to build and deliver an end to end national quality British Cycling events package.

From business case forming, support to the political timeline processes, alignment with borough cycling strategies, commercial sourcing, legal agreements, supplier management; through to risk management, entrant and volunteer management, to experience building and sponsorship delivery 


Generation Pro work under the strap line of "Inspire The Next Generation", using cycle sport events as a means to inspire young cyclists to enjoy the scale and sensory aspects of a national level event like ours, to take on that inspiration and have a lifestyle built around healthy living. There are no ends to the benefits of this, whether future mental or physical health, this lowers the impact of our society in future years.


Generation Pro work uses a national circuit series event formats to bring size, structure, prestige, and coverage to your town and city. Using this as the foundation to showcase the countries best cyclists, delivering inspiration to the next generation. 

These thrilling races bring footfall, economic boosts and align fully with your town or cities cultural and civic calendars. 

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